Specialty Steel Supply

In 2015 TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co. Ltd. has made the executive decision to extend its services to the “Bottom Hole Assembly “ Industry in Iraq. TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co.Ltd. aims to add value to machine shops in the region by keeping local stock of oil steels that meet the high standards and specifications of the Oil & Gas Industry. This service is expected to cut costs, minimize reaction time and reduce the financing burden for Oil & Gas Service providers.

TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co. Ltd. is making use of its local office in Arbil/Kurdistan/Iraq, local staff and local warehouse located at Ghazna Road/ Arbil/ Kurdistan/ Iraq and AlMajal Business Park, Artawi Road, North Rumaila, Basrah, Iraw. TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co. Ltd. is working in close collaboration with its supplier ACE O.C.T.G. Ltd. to address the needs of its customers. ACE O.C.T.G. Ltd. is a global supplier of AISI 4145H Mod, AISI 4130, AISI 4140-L80, AISI 4330 V Mod. and Amagnit 501/601 oil steels for the Oil & Gas exploration industry.

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