Our Story

Our Story

TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co. Ltd. has been established with the mission to best serve its clients with customized solutions, high-quality products and an expert staff that is stationed locally.

Each oil field/ water treatment plant/ industrial facility has its own characteristics; this means that every production chemical application will vary. To be able to obtain the highest efficiency from each facility, the equipment and chemicals that are used in the operation must be customized. This is where TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co. Ltd. hopes to make a difference. Our expert staff of engineers and industry specialists hope to create value in four main categories: Services, Logistics, Chemical Supply, and Equipment Supply.
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Our Mission

-To introduce cutting edge technology to local energy, oil & gas industries in emerging markets.

-To have a global reach and a strong local presence, hereby adding value to local industry/government operations by offering consultation, services and customized solutions.

-To be proactive by constantly innovating and adapting to fast paced markets.

Our Vision

Our Vision determines the path we take in reaching our sustainability and growth goals:

Colleagues and Community: Creating a safe and efficient work environment where our colleagues can reach their full potential. Creating local jobs and opportunities in the emerging markets we operate in and having a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Partners: Adding value to our suppliers and customers operations by maximizing cooperation, efficiency and profitability.

Corporate: Increasing our presence as a regional integrated solutions provider in numerous emerging markets in the Middle-East. Taking advantage of new investment opportunities to further broaden our scope and create economies of scale.

Our Values

Business Ethics: The success and future of our companies are directly related to our reputation as an organization which prioritizes ethics. Every business decision that is taken must conform with the rules and regulations of the regions we operate in and must result in a win-win outcome for all parties involved. In addition to customer loyalty, prioritizing ethics is also providing us with an internal culture of trust and comfort and maximizes our efficiency as a group. Our respect to each other and to our partners will ensure our continued success in the future.

Quality: We believe that our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. Attaining this objective is possible by improving our supply-chain, operation, and services through the use of our QA/QC standarts and procedures. Therefore QA/QC is genuinely integrated within our corporate culture. We believe that the success of a business is not limited to commercial success; but also in creating a safe, healthy and positive work environment for all stakeholders. We will always put the health and safety of our stakeholders first, and will be committed to minimizing incidents and health hazards in all of our operations.

Leadership: Leading change in difficult markets and stagnant industries has always been our competitive advantage and has resulted in our growth. We will continue to be bold in investing in what we believe, and be flexible in adapting to new challenges.

Sustainability: Our businesses can only create value to all of its stakeholders including the communities and environment they operate in if they allocate the resources in a sustainable and efficient manner. We are committed to keep our carbon footprint low and apply a minimum waste policy to all of our operations.