TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co. Ltd. provides extensive laboratory performance tests in order to determine the best performing product for its customers. TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co. Ltd. technical staff provides an extensive lab test report to its clients, making sure the client is informed throughout the process of finding the most efficient solutions to their problems. Tests are all prepared and conducted following The International Testing Regulations.

TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co. Ltd. Technical Staff conducts on-site tests and offers solutions that include:

  • Careful evaluation of plant data
  • Detailed and User Friendly Treatment proposal
  • Intensive service during start up
  • Training of Plant Staff
  • Working together with users
  • Regular service during normal operation
  • Periodically Review of treatment program
  • Optimization of treatment program

TEKKON Petrochemical Services Co. Ltd. is not only a supplier of chemicals. Technical Staff located in our local offices throughout the year provide advisory services to our customers on chemical related subjects such as (and not limited to):

  • Minimum, maximum and optimum dosage rate calculations,
    Technical and practical information on combination and batch products,
  • Concentration calculations and concentration increase/decrease applications,
  • Storage time calculations, depending on site and/or warehouse conditions,
  • Risk and side-effect assessments,
  • Overtreatment prevention and intervention,